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Living The Clinton Life!

Small Town Soul recently had the privilege of being introduced to the City of Clinton through Main Street South Carolina, a program that works with small towns throughout the state to develop and improve their downtown economy. Clinton was a participant in our Rural Community Marketing Training Program. After the extensive eight-week program, Adele Alducin, Main Street Director for Clinton, reached out to us. She was looking to rebrand the downtown area as well as develop a website to make it easy for both residents and visitors to find information about things to do and annual festivals. We were more than happy to help out and learn a little more about Clinton, SC along the way.

Our Rural Community Marketing Training Program’s primary focus is to educate people in leadership in small towns all across America to learn the basics of developing a marketing strategy for their community. We work with towns that want to create or update their branding to improve their presence on social media, update their website, create ads to reach their desired audience as well as learn how to help small businesses within their community do the same. We teach them how to apply the same techniques we use as marketers thus empowering them to lead other businesses or organizations in their community to do the same.

After the training sessions Adele was eager to get started improving the downtown website. At the time we began, Adele had just a small section on the City of Clinton website to advertise festivals and events. There wasn’t any place to really showcase all of the things downtown had to offer. Adele had big plans for the holiday celebration for 2020 and she wanted to be able to promote the event on a better platform with more options for visitors and residents to truly experience Clinton.

First things first, we need some imagery to brand the downtown area. It had always been a place people came together to meet and many of those visitors ended up staying and living in Clinton because they liked the community centered lifestyle. We also learned, through our research, that originally Clinton was called Five Points because of where the Dutch Fork Railroad passed through town. It made a center “square” in the middle of downtown Clinton that became an epicenter of commerce and activity. Seeing how that was a good match with what we wanted to create, why not start with the history that helped make Clinton the city it is today? Adele was able to locate some historic fire maps showing the 5 points area, and the idea for the brand was born.

The next step was to take that vision online and create a website that showcases just how special Clinton, SC is and details all the great ways to come together and spend the day exploring downtown. Clinton has some unique annual festivals that need a place to shine. The Scots and Brats festival pays homage to their Scottish Heritage while the Rhythm on the Rails festival celebrates the contribution of both the railroad and music on the development of Clinton as a center of commerce for the region. To say that we are pleased to announce that Clinton is now on the map, or the digital map, is an understatement! Their website and new logo truly express the many different aspects that make Clinton such a fantastic place to visit and live and why you should feel the same way.

We encourage you to visit Clinton and see this area for yourself. Looking to grab a good bite to eat? Their wide variety of food options are listed on the website, and we have to say, the desserts from Main Street Bake Shoppe look like they are to die for. Trust me, we didn’t forget about shopping or things to do. We are definitely wishing that Sunshine City and Musgrove Mill St. Park was closer to us, but luckily it is just a short drive away and makes for nice day-cation with the girls for those must have items.

As we mentioned before, Clinton prides themselves on their annual events that do not disappoint. Visit their website for updates on their events which kick-off each spring with Rhythm On The Rails, featuring a ferris wheel, vendors, and tons of good food. Next up, the event Scots & Brats: A Scottish Oktoberfest is held in October and has dancing, music, and a few competitions that reflect their Scott-Irish heritage. Lastly they host their beloved O’Lighted Night Christmas event. This event features an array of Christmas lights, the famous Christmas Tree Lighting, and the Christmas Parade.

Needless to say this “town on the tracks” has proclaimed its reputation as the true small-town charm of Upstate South Carolina. With its whimsical events and rich history, Clinton is proving itself to be a must visit for years to come. Clinton is just a short drive from Greenville, SC as well as Columbia, SC. Plan ahead, take a day trip or stay for the entire weekend to truly experience a lifestyle that will make you want to stay forever.


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