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Is your website compliant with ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) requirements?

If not, you are opening yourself to legal action, especially if you are a government-associated organization. In April of 2024, new compliance regulations were passed for government-associated websites. These regulations are a good guideline for any website to follow to ensure ADA accessibility.

Small Town Soul is excited to offer this as a new service. We have partnered with accessiBe, a market leader in the web accessibility space, to provide a flexible solution that can be installed across a multitude of website platforms, regardless of which CRM you use. This includes popular platforms such as WordPress, Wix, SquareSpace and more. Fill out the form below to get a FREE Compliance Audit Report and pricing for the ADA Accessibility Widget. There is no obligation to purchase.

Audit Request

FREE ADA Compliance Audit Request

Get a FREE Compliance Audit Report by submitting the form below. We will scan your site against ADA Compliance Regulations and provide a report detailing any issues with your site along with recommended solutions and pricing.

a person with a vision disability trying to access a website

Why it matters

1 in 4 people in the US has a disability. Legislation is in place to prevent discrimination and ensure people with disabilities have equal access to content and services. Web accessibility ensures that all users can access and engage with your website, app, and digital assets.

ADA disability working with a computer

what is compliance?

In the US, businesses and organizations are required to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), which requires accessible websites. This is accomplished by adhering to guidelines which ensure that websites are perceivable, operable, understandable, and robust for people with disabilities.

hearing disability working with a computer

how it works

We install a widget into the html code of your website. The session-based widget allows users to simply select the accessibility profile of their choice, syncing your website seamlessly with any assistive technology, and providing a seamless user experience, for everyone.

How Does It Benefit My Business?

Having an accessible website comes with many benefits for your business:


  • Expand your audience reach: Tap into the 25% of the population that could be locked out of your business.


  • Increase organic traffic and web performance: Properly formatted structure and image descriptions make your website SEO-optimized, driving increased traffic and engagement.


  • Enhance the user experience for all visitors: Accessible websites are designed in a way that reduces confusion and provides a more seamless UX for all users.


  • Improve your brand reputation: An accessible website demonstrates your commitment to inclusion and social responsibility.

Mitigate legal risk: Compliance with web accessibility isn’t optional - it’s a legal requirement and reduces the risk of costly litigation for non-compliance.

is my website compliant?

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