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Welcome to Small Town America

Songs have been sung about them. Books have been written about them. Many blockbuster movies have featured them, all because you can’t escape the charm of a "Small Town." Now, we understand that small town living may not be for everyone, but whether you make the smart decision to live in one, or are curious enough to visit one, this blog will help you navigate the idiosyncrasies of our tight-knit communities.

For many, small town living is a desirable way of life; for others, it is an escape from the big city – a way to make life slow down, even if just for a weekend and relax. Although many small towns are reminiscent of the Norman Rockwell images scattered across the internet, not all small towns are the same. Each has its own personality, history, traditions, and a welcoming and friendly community of people that will make you feel right at home.

This blog aims to encourage people –locals and visitors– to appreciate the souls of small towns. By understanding their traditions and way of life, bringing attention to obstacles that small towns face, and visiting them or choosing to live in them can help our small towns and businesses survive and thrive. Each post will strive to present real-life truths in a humorous and entertaining way. Our hope is that it will bring to light what people don’t consider when they think of small towns. Hopefully, it will add some laughter to our day as well.

Enjoy, comment, and share your thoughts. We would love to hear from you. If you have some ideas for our next article, send them our way.

Here’s to appreciating the little things and celebrating the small town way of life!

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